Welcome! I am a writer and artist living on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. I write speculative fiction, essays and articles. I also make mosaics and dabble in oils, acrylics, and mixed media.

My woodland home sits beside a ‘holler’ at the foot of the Cape Breton Highlands, so I call this place Highland Holler. (And when you holler the highlands echo right back atcha!) Every season here brings its own delights and challenges. I share some of my thoughts and observations, gleaned from life here in the holler, on my blog.

Down here is the Holler and up there are the Highlands.

What’s New

My short story The Stone Mound appears in the first edition of
‘Magine: Unama’ki / Cape Breton’s Literary Magazine
Issue #1 March 2022, James Thompson, ed.

Latest Post

Here I go again with another frog blog. This time I ponder the magic of metamorphosis and the dubious joy of swimming with frogs and other pond critters.